JLL Partner with Next Step Careers Group

Posted by mike
Next Step Pattern

In an effort to further increase gender diversity in the workplace JLL and Next Step Graduates (NSG) have teamed up for a three-year partnership.

As a graduate training and employment events company, NSG is in a unique position to help JLL in their goal of ensuring gender diversity is commonplace in the property industry. Charles Oxley, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder stated, “it’s great to have a global firm such as JLL on board. We hope that this paves the way for other big businesses to see the benefits of using a recruitment methodology like ours.”

Next Step Graduates Employability Workshops help develop the disciplines students require to be successful in the recruitment process. For example, preparing students for their CV’s, Cover Letters, Group Exercises, Presentations and Interviews. In the lead up to the student’s final year, NSG offer invitations to their D&I Employment Events where students can demonstrate their business skills in front of multiple businesses. This greatly increases their chances of being employed.

Luke Lavery, Head of Emerging Talent, said “the format of the Next Step Graduates employment events works extremely well for us. We’re looking forward to working with them in the years to come.”