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What was the challenge?

Graduate roles at JLL are fiercely competitive.

As a result, there are thousands of applicants that aren’t successful in their recruitment process. Providing applicants feedback is time consuming work and so it’s common for candidates to receive little or no comments on their performance.

The issue is how can we expect better from graduates if they’re not critiqued on their job application?

In 2017, NSG worked with JLL to try and solve this problem.

1: Objective:

✓ Raise awareness of the JLL development workshops to unsuccessful applicants.
✓ Ultimately, increase graduate employability and project JLL as a market leader in graduate application experience.

2: Strategy:

• JLL partnered with NSG Workshops to develop and prepare 100 previously unsuccessful graduates for their job application process.
• The intention was to provide insight into the company’s application requirements. NSG also wanted to share more general and broader application techniques that can be used in other graduate recruitment processes to help them stand out.

3: Results:

✓ 100 Candidates trained and developed.

✓ 95% of candidates said they felt more employable.

✓ 10 previously unsuccessful applicants hired by JLL.

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